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A Non-partisan Approach to Understanding Politics

Politics By Jerry

Confused by Politics?

Politics are the way governments are run. People working in, controlling and guiding the government are called Politicians. They are elected or appointed to office, or they are candidates hoping to be elected.

Government determines everything about your life, therefore you should be concerned. Government determines whether you get an education, and what kind of eduction you get. They do that by government regulations and laws. Government determines the amount of money you get paid. They do that by taxation, forced "contributions" and laws. Government determines what house you live in and where you go on vacation. They do that by housing regulations, taxation, "eminent domain" laws and other government regulations. Everything you do and have is controlled by the government. Scary?

That is why we must be ever vigilent; we must control the government, or the government will control us.

Some people say, "Wait a minute, Jerry. Government does not control how much money I make or whether I take a vacation." Well, think about this. Who controls the minimum wage laws? Who controls taxes on your payroll and everything you buy? Who controls what countries you are allowed to visit? Who handles your passports? Thousands of new controls, new taxes and new regulations are added to your daily living burden every year.

The American founding fathers stated in our Declaration of Independance, "[people] are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights." We don't believe it is the government that gives us rights; but the government can take away those rights if we let them. American citizens will insist we have more freedom in the United States than in any other country. But why doesn't every country have complete freedom? Because the governments take away that freedom. We have freedom in the United States... until the government takes it away. That is why we must be ever vigilent; we must control the government, or the government will control us.

People say, "I don't know anything about politics. It's too confusing." Now is the time to make up your mind not to be confused any more and not to be controled any more.


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