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A Non-partisan Approach to Understanding Politics

Great Things to Know and Remember

May 8, 2017 Jerald Brown
Cancer Conspiracy Theory
Is the Cancer Conspiracy Theory true? Do doctors and pharmaceutical companies suppress the cure for cancer in order to line their pockets with money that comes from treating cancer?
April 28, 2017 Jerald Brown
Economists frequently agree that tariffs are bad for the economy. Politicians frequently agree that tariffs are good, but they are especially good for getting the politician re-elected. So what are they?
Sept 15, 2016 Jerald Brown
If you do not understand that Politics is manipulation, then you are the politicians' greatest dream; you are a pawn, a willing idiot. Politicians do not lie to or manipulate voters who do not support them. They can't. Voters not supporting a politician will not believe him anyway, nor do what he says. No, politicians will only lie to and manipulate their own supporters.
Sept 1, 2016 Jerald Brown
"Anybody But..."
When Republicans say they will vote for anybody but Trump, and Democrats say they will vote for anybody but Clinton, what is the actual effect of such an action?
August, 2016 Bill Cray
Why Vote for Trump?
A gay man tells us why he's considering voting for Donald Trump in 2016.

This space is also available for a person who wishes to tell why he or she is planning to vote for Hillary.
August, 2015 Jerald Brown
Faulty Cultures
Where does our own culture go wrong and lead us down a harmful path?
May, 2015 Jerald Brown
Traditional Marriage
In this year of presidential politics, Traditional Marriage plays a key role in partisan debates. What is the true background on "Traditional Marriage" and are politicians arguing the right side of the debate?
Gay Wedding CakeApril 04, 2015 – Newsletter

Should private business people be forced to go against their conscience and provide service to gay people, or other people against whom they object?

Bad PoliticiansMarch 09, 2015

Why are some politicians so bad, and others so good? Being a brilliant scientist doesn't mean he or she would be a brilliant President, or even a brilliant politician. The reason for that is because the two disciplines are different.

Election Season Already?March 08, 2015 – Newsletter

Is the 2016 Presidential election campaigns already beginning? It seems like election seasons come sooner and sooner, and they last longer and longer. What can you do to help insulate yourself from a continual political barrage?

Jesus Was a LiberalMarch 07, 2015

Would Jesus have been a liberal if he were living today in the United States? Would his doctrine of loving your neighbor, feeding the hungry and helping the needy find a ready home in the Liberal camp?

Racism and SlaveryMarch 01, 2015

The history of slavery and racism in the united States from 1807 until 1964. Racism was not the cause of slavery. Slavery was the cause of racism.

Too Much PowerFeb 01, 2015 – Newsletter

Which of you would give his most trusted, best friend total control over your life, from now on until your death? Who would you let decide in your place where your children will be educated, where you will live, how much money you will make, who will be your doctor, if you get married, to whom you get married, if you drive a car – and what kind of car, if you eat, how much you eat, what you eat, what medicine you take, and how old you may be allowed to live? Would you give anybody that power over you, even your most trusted friend?

Yet, that is exactly what we do to a person we don't even know.

Money!Jan 16, 2015

If you understand Money and how it works, you have reduced your chances of being politically deceived by half.

Money politics affect welfare, taxes, business, unions, minimum wage, class warfare, Social Security, the IRS, construction projects, foreign aid, hidden taxes – also called "fees" – and much more political activity.

Things You Should KnowJan 15, 2015

Things you should know to understand political parties. These guideslines help you not to be misled, deceived or tricked.

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